Who Is Dr. Michelle Gordon?

TV Host

Former Host and Executive Producer of the reality docu-drama Life.Matters with Dr. Michelle Gordon that aired on FYI. Seven women addressed aging while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime in Spain.


Board-Certified General Surgeon and founder of Northern Westchester Surgical Associates (NWSA), a single-specialty group practice in 2005. NSWA serves the lower Hudson Valley of New York.


Co-Author of the Life.Matters Cookbook with Chef Cassandra Cotoia. Recipes for Living include low carbohydrate and paleo-inspired delicious meals that you can prepare at home.

Cookbook: Recipes for Living

 Why a cookbook? Food is part of everyday life!

No one can maintain a super-restrictive diet forever. In our world, we play hard and we eat well. The point is, we are living our lives. No one feels deprived or left out… and that’s the point.

Chef Cotoia and I hope you’ll enjoy these dishes which are not only delicious but practical. We want you to enjoy these recipes, play with them, and tell us what you think.

A Sneak Peek of What’s Inside…

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