Master Your Menopause

and be the Boss of Your Body!

Want freedom from the soul-sucking menopause symptoms that have taken over your life?

Of course, each woman experiences menopause differently, but the bottom line is this…

Nobody deserves to be stuck with:

Weight Gain

Hot Flashes & Sweating





Brain Fog

Aches & Pains


Heart Palpitations

Negative Self-Talk

Low Energy

What if you had…

✔️ More control over your body, your emotions, and your life

✔️A new sense of peace and self-acceptance

✔️Stable weight and a body that felt and looked good

✔️More energy to work and play

✔️Undisturbed, restful sleep

✔️Stable and predictable moods

✔️No problems with uncontrollable sweat

✔️Increased ability to focus and improved memory

And best of all?

The ability to live each day without annoying and embarrassing symptoms taking their toll on your confidence, your happiness, and your LIFE.

I know that menopause can be an exhausting and daunting process.

Are you tired yet?

Of clueless doctors with useless solutions? Or what about all of those hours you’ve lost online, searching things like “WHY AM I DRIPPING WITH SWEAT” or “LOSING WEIGHT + HORMONE CHANGES” or “WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN MY MOOD FLUCTUATES 10 TIMES IN 30 SECONDS??????"


… as someone who spent 2 YEARS trying to figure out how to lose the 50 pounds menopause “gifted” me with, not to mention the whole new wardrobe I had to purchase despite exercising regularly…

… as someone who could no longer sleep through the night…

… as someone who began to experience self-doubt, low confidence, and mood swings…

And as someone who spoke to doctors to no avail, looked on every page the internet had to offer, tried this, that, and the other thing…

I can honestly say that experiencing menopause was like being unwillingly initiated into this mysterious and terrible secret society that I was NOT prepared for.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how bad it could get?

Why didn't anyone prepare me?

Why didn’t the doctors have an easy solution?

I know you don’t want to stay stuck in the muck of menopause hell, nor do you want to keep spinning your wheels without any traction.

That’s how I felt, so I did something about it.

I was fed up and tired of feeling powerless, so I spent years studying and implementing various principles of nutrition, mindset, and movement, and here’s what happened…

⭐ I lost 40 pounds (and still counting)

⭐ I began sleeping through the night again

⭐ I found a new and amazing sense of confidence and self-acceptance

⭐ My emotions and mood stabilized

⭐ I became almost totally symptom-free

And as a result, this wonderful and surprising ripple effect worked its magic, and everything in my life, from relationships to my career, felt upgraded and improved!

Created by a doctor and a WOMAN who knows what it’s like to be held hostage by unrelenting menopause symptoms.

I’m Dr. Michelle Gordon, founder of the MENO system. I’ve taken my own successful experience and turned it into a program so women (like you) can take back their lives and finally start feeling like a functional human again.

I’m a surgeon, lifestyle and obesity medicine specialist, author, and TV host dedicated to helping women improve the quality of their lives by taking a mind-body-spirit approach to living a passionate and meaningful life.

Whether you’re feeling beaten down by the way you’ve been treated by your doctors, feel like you don’t have the time or energy to try something new, or are stuck in a rut of despair that feels impossible to escape…

There IS hope for you.

Can we get real for a minute?

I have no intention of tricking you into believing that the solution I’ve laid out is easy. My program isn’t about taking a handful of pills and then sitting back and waiting for a miracle…

The MENO system is for women who are willing to learn and lean into a new way of living and to make the necessary changes by taking action on a daily basis.

The work you’ll find inside my program yields some of the most beautiful, amazing, worth-it rewards that I’ve ever experienced and, for me, once I felt my life changing… I was willing to work for more of that delicious joy.

“I have really bad osteoarthritis in my hands, neck, knees, spine, among other places, and after the sugar cleanse you recommended, the pain seriously decreased! Also, I started working out a lot more (mostly weight lifting because that’s what I love!) and I freaking dropped like 15 lbs in about 2 weeks. I noticed weight coming off just from cutting sugar but it really kicked in when I added the weights. Awesome!!!”

– Kathleen S.

“I’ve experienced huge changes after reading all the great positive stories about exercise and healthy eating. I joined a martial arts fitness class 4 weeks ago and have lost 10 pounds and 11 inches. I feel SO much better thanks to this group - it truly helps with the symptoms of menopause so, thank you.”

– Janet M

What if you felt like YOU again, but even better?

With more energy, with uplifted moods, with clothing that fit right and felt good, with restful sleep and a normal body temp that didn’t cause you to drip buckets of sweat…

All you have to do?

Say YES to

The MENO System

For 6 weeks, I’ll be the guide you’ve been seeking as we take the adventure of a lifetime.

With my program, you’ll drastically eradicate the disruptive symptoms that have you feeling like an alien beamed down from space and took up residence your body.

You’ll learn about nutrition, mindset, and exercise while feeling 100% supported by me, my team, and a community of women just like you.

The MENO System Includes...

⭐ 6 weeks of transformative program material

⭐ Trainings to deliver the information and tools you need to thrive

⭐ Admission to our private group for community and camaraderie

⭐ Live Facebook chats to connect and ask questions

⭐ Scheduled office hours for asking questions and getting the support you need

⭐ 4 special bonuses

Week 1:

Is This My Second Puberty?

✔️ Learn the basic biology of menopause and understand how your body’s changing chemistry affects your different systems.

✔️ You’ll learn about symptoms, hormones, and more to provide you with a general understanding of what you’re experiencing and why.

✔️ Understanding what you’re going through is the foundation of change and helps to throw fuel on the fire of your motivation to change and your ability to make healthier choices.

Week 2:

The Meno Eating Plan

✔️ In week 2, we discuss weight management so you can feel more confident, energetic, and at home in your body.

✔️ You’ll begin to understand what types of foods best support your body and give it the best chance to normalize and thrive.

✔️ You’ll learn about the sugar myth, the dangers of various types of food, and you’ll get some tasty recipes to kickstart your cooking. 

Week 3:


✔️ Clean out your kitchen (goodbye harmful junk), go shopping (hello healing goodness), and implement the changes from week 2 with the support you need to go ALL in.

✔️ This week is the catalyst for your growth and the work we do here sets you up for a strong start and continued success!

Week 4:

Momentum With Movement

✔️ Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, so why is it so hard to do consistently?

✔️ In addition to some interesting science, we’ll kick things off with a challenge to help you get moving and stay moving.

✔️ I'll give you a clear plan with the top exercises to focus on - especially if you've never exercised in your life!

✔️ We'll explain why exercise is the fountain of youth and how you can drink from it.

✔️ You'll get a solid plan to lead you right into action.

Week 5:

Setting Up Symptom-Busting Beliefs

✔️ What beliefs are driving your thoughts?

✔️ And what thoughts are driving your behavior?

✔️ Let’s tackle that bitch inside your head who tells you you suck because when negative beliefs and limiting thoughts occupy the space in your brain, everything’s so much harder.

✔️ Feel positive, take consistent action, and form new and healthier habits with a daily checklist so you can win back your life and silent that voice for good.

Week 6:

Sex, Libido, and Rock N' Roll

✔️ OK, so there isn’t actually any rock n’ happening here, but we will be covering details around what role loss of hormones can play in your lack or loss of libido and how to talk to your doctor about balancing things out so you can reclaim your sexy and feel like the QUEEN that you are!

The Complete MENO System

Normally: $2,095

Today Only: $997

“To know that I’m not going crazy and not alone is so reassuring.”

– Alison S

The MENO system is for you if you’re tired of... 

👉 Waking up in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat and cursing your hormones

👉 Feeling like your sunny disposition has been taken hostage by a black, stormy cloud

👉 Fearing that you’ll never be happy again

👉 Having to spend money on bigger clothes because your body keeps gaining weight

👉 The incessant hot flashes that make it impossible to focus on anything

👉 Random attacks of dripping sweat that trickles down your face, neck, and back

👉 Mood swings to rival a pubescent teenager

👉 Forgetfulness that makes you feel like you can’t manage your own life

👉 Excess impatience, anger, irritability, and moodiness

👉 Anxiety, embarrassment, and anger over your inability to control your own damn body

This program is for women who understand that menopause can’t be “cured” with simple potions and pills - finding relief involves supporting your body with nutrition, movement, and mindset. 

It’s for women who are willing to make time and space for their growth because in this program… you’re gonna grow.

And it’s for women who are willing to listen, learn, and take action on the steps I’ve outlined for optimum health and transformational change. 

It’s not for people who don’t want to look inside themselves and make changes to their current way of life, and it’s not for people who are looking for the easy way out.

You're not alone and it CAN get better!

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! Though I don’t advocate “pills and potions”, the recommendations I give here should not replace or negate any prescriptions you’re already on - that is between you and your doctor. I may recommend supplements from time to time, but if you’re taking medication, be sure to discuss any additions with your doctor first. Also, some medications have dietary restrictions - I cannot be held responsible for managing anyone’s medications or medical conditions.


Yes! Though I don’t prescribe it nor am I an huge advocate of hormone replacement, you are welcome to do HRT if you wish. In full disclosure, I did try it and didn’t like it or respond well to it, which is why I created the MENO system - a natural method of managing menopause.


Possibly. I am licensed in 12 states. If you're interested, send me an email at [email protected] and lets discuss.


Of course, everyone’s body is different and will respond at its own pace, so it’s hard to predict how fast you’ll see results. It also depends on your dedication - if you follow the program as prescribed, you may see positive changes in as few as 2-3 weeks!


I don’t believe in diets. What I do believe in is working to create and maintain a lifestyle that supports the health of your body. The MENO system teaches a lifestyle of eating, moving, and thinking to help you manage your menopause symptoms and get your life (and body) back. Weight loss is typically one of the great side effects of the program, but not the main focus.


Time is the most valuable resource we have, and I can relate to feeling overwhelmed by or unsure about carving out time for the MENO system program. The good news is that you can do it on your own time - once each lesson is available, you have 24/7 access! Work on the program when it’s most convenient for you, and don’t worry when something comes up and you don’t get around to it for a couple of days (or even a couple of weeks). Just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward.

The actual time it will take you to go through the course materials varies from person to person but in general, we see our members progressing through each lesson in roughly 1-2 hours per week. The key is to be intentional about it - schedule dedicated time on your calendar to work steadily through, and watch as your life improves!


Yes, but I’m going to ask you to exercise anyway. If you’re REALLY against exercise, this program may not be for you.

Ladies, are you ready to say GOODBYE to

🞾 Unpredictable moods 🞾

🞾 Unwanted weight gain 🞾

🞾 Sleepless nights 🞾

🞾 Low libidos 🞾

🞾 Foggy brains 🞾

🞾 Hot flashes 🞾

🞾 The random sweating 🞾

🞾 Feelings of low self-worth 🞾

and HELLO to your old self again (but even better)?

The Complete MENO System


Dr. Michelle Gordon | Real Doctor, Real Advice | Copyright 2024