Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis, which can be derived from the hemp plant. Clinical research has shown that we can use CBD to address anxiety, cognition and movement disorders, and pain. Furthermore, studies have also shown that it can help people suffering from insomnia.

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Tina Williams of Simple Optimum Health. Tina is a mom of four daughters, a serial entrepreneur, and a multi-passionate individual whose goal is to help others see and be their best selves. She suffered from four strokes between 2014 and 2015, and because of her health issues, she looked into the hemp industry. Today, Tina is going to talk about the benefits of CBD for our health, and how it can help us during menopause.

Don’t forget to tune in to this episode if you want to learn about CBD and hemp-derived CBD, why it is essential, and where hemp should come from.

Here are the discussion points of this episode:

  • (2:40) Tina talks about suffering from stroke and how she got into CBD.
  • (5:58) Knowing where an organic product came from and the extraction methods used is very important in making sure you’re not consuming chemicals
  • (8:44) Ayurveda medicine
  • (10:05) Anxiety and the endocannabinoid system
  • (11:23) Homeostasis
  • (13:26) What is a terpene?
  • (16:48) Hemp is an easy plant to grow
  • (18:17) The importance of knowing where the products you use come from
  • (22:14) Studies showing that CBD can decrease inflammation
  • (23:41) Pharmaceutical companies are a little more open about CBD
  • (24:49) Hemp plant as a lifestyle product
  • (26:20) The benefits of CBD in sleep and pain
  • (28:40) What is sundowning?
  • (30:19) Microdosing guidelines
  • (31:15) Menopause teas and honey sticks
  • (34:12) The only drawback to using CBD
  • (34:41) You have to invest in your health
  • (35:09) Supplements are not covered by insurance
  • (39:33) CBD and menopause


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