What supplements are best for the menopausal woman? How can we best support ourselves? With all the supplements presented in the market right now, which one should we choose?

In today’s episode, I welcome back Dr. Sharzad Green, as we continue with our series on Supplements for Menopause. Dr. Green and I discuss why creating a criteria when choosing supplements is essential, how probiotics help the body, the benefits of vitamin D, and so much more. Dr. Green also shares her insights backed with credible sources on why these supplements help your body.

So, join us today and learn the supplements that will strengthen your body!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Choosing an excellent fish oil or omega fatty acids [02:27]
    • Focusing on EPA and DHA [02:53]
    • The importance of following the recommended dosage [03:55]
  2. Upper limit of taking fish oil [07:47]
    • Checking the toxicity and verifying the given data [09:18]
    • Fish oil as an anti-inflammatory agent [12:58]
  3. The advantages and drawbacks of vitamin D to the body [13:24]
    • What happens when you take too much vitamin D [15:13]
    • The benefits of vitamin D [16:10]
    • The form to take that fits your body or diet [19:48]
  4. How to determine a good source of supplements [21:00]
  5. Curcumin—an extract from turmeric—as a supplement [23:09]
  6. Magnesium and its benefits [28:49]
    • Red cell magnesium [29:15]
    • Magnesium orotate vs. magnesium glycinate [30:08]
    • Magnesium helps lessen migraines [32:14]
  7. Learning probiotics [35:08]
    • Criteria of a good probiotic [35:32]
    • Advantages of probiotics for the body [36:19]
    • Gut is related to the brain [37:02]
    • Good for vaginal health [40:39]

About the Guest:

Sharzad Green is a well-acknowledged figure in the industry. With over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare, she has helped more than 15,000 people overcome various health problems. She is passionate about women’s physical and mental health, integrative medicine, and finding the best solutions for the health issues faced by people every day. She is the creator of FabuVag, a vaginal moisturizer that helps erase the dryness women feel when undergoing menopause. 


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Thank you for tuning in! 

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