The subconscious mind or that inner critic that we usually identify as that voice inside our head is actually more than that. The reality is it plays a huge role in the way we live and how we identify ourselves. If you are looking to change anything in your life, understanding the subconscious mind is key. Menopause is a time of transition and change and it is the perfect time to look at the beliefs that are driving our behaviors. 

In today’s episode, we are joined by Lynn Louise Larson, a leader in subconscious reprogramming. We take up how reprogramming your subconscious is possible and the reprogramming process, the importance of addressing your past experiences, and why happiness should not be based on the outcomes. Lynn and I also discuss dealing with trauma and how self-awareness is beneficial.

Join us today as we delve into the subconscious mind and learn more about it. Tune in now!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1.  What is subconscious programming and what happens [03:52]
  2.  How to help someone reprogram their subconscious [05:52]
    • The importance of learning the person’s stories [06:52]
    • Addressing beliefs and shifting perspectives [08:13]
    • Your state of mind matters [10:48]
  3. Defining mantra and its effectiveness [12:14]
  4. What happens to individuals dealing with trauma [15:32]
    • Self-acceptance instead of punishment [16:21]
    • Basing your happiness in the inside and not the outcome [18:35]
  5. How to do subconscious reprogramming [19:39]
    • Knowing and using hypnosis as a tool [20:03]
    • Validating emotional attachment linked to past experiences [23:22]
    • Reinforcing that you survived that trauma [25:23]
    • Creating new neural pathways for healing and awareness [27:03]
  6. Hypnosis to access past life regression [29:12]
    • Collective consciousness is bigger than us [30:57]
  7. Menopause is like a rebirth [32:05]
    • Lynn’s menopause journey [32:44]
  8. Lynn’s accident and her internal motivation [35:15]
  9. How to get out of autopilot [37:32]
    • Stepping into awareness and hope [38:01]
    • Gratitude is the precursor to joy [39:09]
    • Self-inspection helps put yourself in a perspective [40:50]
  10. We are more than just our physical bodies [42:16]
  11. Lynn shares final takeaways of this episode [45:06]
    • You can overcome and heal from anything [49:50]

About the Guest:

With over two decades of professional experience, Lynn Louise Larson is the leader of subconscious reprogramming through fitness, ancient healing, and fitness. Currently, Lynn is on a mission to help women overcome traumatic experiences and step into their better selves. She is an expert in aromatherapy, reflexology, hypnosis, and ancient healing arts. 


Books mentioned in this episode:

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy (Paid link:
  • Regression to Times and Places (Meditation Regression) by Brian Weiss (Paid link: 

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Thank you for tuning in! 

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