People who work in the construction industry know that it takes a process to complete a project. However, it is amusing, and sometimes disappointing to see how such a cutthroat industry can afford to cut corners, leaving clients badly regretful. And with most of the year spent indoors, it has never been more crucial for people to have a space that gives them more than just a sense of security.

In this podcast, we welcome Monika Zasada as she shares with us the importance of having a comfortable home that stores your most prized possessions and the stories you’ve built there. We also discuss Monica’s roots which shaped her passion of bringing a home to life, the reality behind construction projects, managing expectations in renovations, and the joy of keeping a home that stores her beloved books. 

If you’re looking to get a renovation for your home or if you want to know more about curating construction projects in general, this podcast is for you. Tune in now!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. About a girl and her Polish home [3:42]
  2. From Poland to the Land of the Free [5:45]
  3. Bringing “castles” from books to people [8:33]
  4. Homes around the world from the curator’s eyes [9:11]
    • A home is not a home if doesn’t make you feel safe [10:27]
  5. The flawed process of acquiring a home [13:23]
  6. You’re the curator—draw the strings [14:24]
    • It’s never too early to talk about the money [14:34]
  7. Don’t cut corners—the client deserves the full picture [15:40]
  8. Bidding on crooked plans and crooked bidding on plans [16:47]
    • The building industry’s uneven bidding field [17:26]
    • Losing more on the lowest bidder [18:32]
  9. When you’re bidding for quality, you’re not bidding cheap [21:00]
  10. Building a sacred space [21:39]
    • Let there be colour and light [22:14]
  11. Construction is a collaborative work [26:52]
  12. Curators direct the orchestra that is construction [28:36]
  13. How Monika’s childhood shaped her curating decisions [30:57]
  14. Defining quality to the client [32:27]
  15. The contracts you need with and for contractors [36:47]
  16. The importance of having a team with the same goal [41:24]
  17. Making a renovation project a good experience for all [42:27]
  18. Books offer thrills because of the ideas they allow one to explore [44:06]
    • Watching the scenes—and tasting them [45:10]
  19. On American Literature [46:15]
  20. How our reading tastes evolve [47:57]

About the Guest:

Leaving Poland, Monika Zasada landed in the United States about two decades ago, with $10.00 in her pocket, her MA in American Literature, and a dream. Monika credits her creativity and passion for construction projects to her Polish childhood home, which she describes as nothing more than just a space where her family was cramped together. She takes pride in having every amount spent accounted for and delivering quality renovations. Like a musical conductor, Monika will assemble, direct, and keep your project’s team of design professionals and crews accountable—or she will.


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