Different people react to a crisis in different ways. Some look at the opportunities, while others become anxious and think it might be the end of the world. In times like these, we may find that people act differently from who they are at normal times. 

No one is perfect. But there are positive and negative sides to each person, and  one way to figure out how a person will react is to look at their Enneagram. 

In this episode, we have back Enneagram expert Stephanie Davis. She and I talk about how different enneagram types are affected by this global reset. She tells us about the different harmonic triads and each enneagram types reaction to stress.

If you’re curious how people are responding to this crisis and how it relates to their Enneagram type, then jump in to this episode now.


What’s Discussed In This Episode:

  • The enneagram as a dynamic system [04:19] 
  • The difference between the Harmonic Triads [07:04] 
  • How information and beliefs influence the reactions of each type [12:02]
  • Introduction into subtypes and instincts of self-preservation, social, or sexual [17:10]
  • How each enneagram reacts to stress [23:34] 
  • The positive and negative movements of each type [30:11]
    • Type 1 [30:19] 
    • Type 2 [32:29] 
    • Type 3 [34:33]
    • Type 4 [37:11]
    • Type 5 [42:20]
    • Type 6 [43:21]
    • Type 7 [44:33]
    • Type 8 [46:27]
    • Type 9 [48:25]

About the Guest:

Stephanie Davis is a certified and accredited enneagram professional with distinction and has been teaching enneagram for almost 30 years. She is educated in business, psychology, and systems theory. A certified Master Trainer of NLP and in Core Transformation, she has also studied Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Mandala Assessment, Research Instrument, and metaphors of movement. 

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Thank you for tuning in! 

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