During the menopausal period, women often rethink their relationships. They start to question the meanings of the different relationships in their lives. This phase also calls for the rediscovery of self.

In this episode, we have Deirdre Fay, a licensed clinical social worker, who is the author of Attachment-Based Yoga and Meditation For Trauma Recovery. She also wrote Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Manual. Aside from these two books, she co-authored a psychology book entitled Attachment and Disturbances in Adults.

Deirdre connects contemporary thought with ancient wisdom. Through this, you can have access to what feels right to you and have harmonious relationships. She also shares valuable insights on how you can healthily deal with your triggers. Tune in to the episode if you want useful information on how to deal with self-discovery and relationships.

Let’s go through the discussion points of this episode:

  • (05:18) Definition of triggers
  • (06:57) Attachment theory
  • (07:40) Seven fundamental attachment needs
  • (09:53) Triggers as heavily-charged memories
  • (12:05) What are attachment imprints?
  • (13:23) What is representation?
  • (14:21) Changing attachment imprints
  • (17:45) Getting rid of triggers through spiritual practices
  • (22:02) Attachment styles
  • (26:41) Uses of meditation
  • (29:39) Importance of self-compassion
  • (31:08) How should you deal with negative thoughts?
  • (34:14) How should you deal with repressed memories?
  • (37:02) What is disassociation?
  • (39:27) Recognizing triggers
  • (42:14) Online course about living with triggers
  • (46:53) The need for constant improvement


For more information about relationships and self, you may visit Deirdre’s website, where she extensively writes about these topics. She also has a quiz to help you know your relationship profile. Also, make sure you get her free download ‘Go From Symptom to Solution’ to learn how to transform triggers via meditation (please note, this is an affiliate link and I may get paid from it).

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