The term cannabis carries a lot of negative connotations. When we talk of hemp, it’s not unnatural for some people to show skepticism even to this day. However, clinical studies have proved how cannabidiol or CBD works wonders for patients suffering from anxiety, insomnia, cognition, and movement disorders.

This week will be the start of “The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast” series. For the next three weeks, we’ll be featuring some of the best podcast episodes since 2019.

Join me today as I re-release the 24th episode featuring Tina Williams, co-founder of Simple Optimum Health. We talk about how CBD prevented her from having another stroke, about how hemp can be a lifestyle product, and how it can help relieve pain and improve sleep. We also talk about how CBD can help with menopause.

Sleep better, live better. Let’s demystify CBD together by tuning in to this show now!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Tina talks about suffering from a stroke and how she got into CBD [2:40]
  2. Why you should know the origins and extraction methods used on an organic product [5:58]
  3. Ayurveda medicine [8:44]
  4. Anxiety and the endocannabinoid system [10:05]
  5. Homeostasis [11:23]
  6. What is a terpene? [13:26]
  7. Hemp is an easy plant to grow [16:48]
  8. The importance of knowing where the products you use come from [18:17]
  9. Studies showing that CBD can decrease inflammation [22:14]
  10. Pharmaceutical companies are a little more open about CBD [23:41]
  11. Hemp plant as a lifestyle product [24:49]
  12. The benefits of CBD in sleep and pain [26:20]
  13. What is sundowning? [28:40]
  14. Microdosing guidelines [30:19]
  15. Menopause teas and honey sticks [31:15]
  16. The only drawback to using CBD [34:12]
  17. You have to invest in your health [34:41]
  18. Supplements are not covered by insurance [35:09]
  19. CBD and menopause [39:33]

About the Guest:

Tina Williams is the co-founder of Simple Optimum Health, a health and wellness company that helps people suffering from anxiety, pain, movement disorders, and insomnia. She is a mom of four daughters, a serial entrepreneur, and a multi-passionate individual whose goal is to help others see and be their best selves.


Books mentioned in this episode:

  • You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza (

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