What “Menopause Slimming” type are you? (FREE QUIZ)

Take this 60-second quiz to find out YOUR unique type…

When you take the quiz, you’ll get a free report that outlines your type based on your habits and unique situation.

Cookbook: Recipes for Living

Why a cookbook? Food is part of everyday life!

No one can maintain a super-restrictive diet forever. In our world, we play hard and we eat well. The point is, we are living our lives. No one feels deprived or left out… and that’s the point.

Chef Cotoia and I hope you’ll enjoy these dishes which are not only delicious but practical. We want you to enjoy these recipes, play with them, and tell us what you think.

Managing Menopause: The Ultimate Menopause Guidebook

Menopause is more than just the end of our child-bearing years. Menopause is a journey—one for which many of us arrive unprepared and surprised.

In this book, Dr Michelle Gordon removes the veil of secrecy around menopause. She talks about the physiology, the psychology, and what it all means. She addresses many of the symptoms and possible treatments. And she also intersperses anecdotes and stories from real menopausal women… women just like you!

If you can’t remember where that whatchamacallit is… If you feel like your face is on fire… If you go from wanting to kill someone to owning the world in minutes… Or if you feel like an alien has taken over your body…

This book is for you!

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