Going through menopause involves a lot of physical changes compounded by emotional ones. It’s challenging to embrace these changes and accept them when society dictates that we should look at them negatively. 

Tune in as we continue right where we left off in our adventure and talk about misconceptions regarding fitness and health. Join us as we learn together how we manage to balance physical fitness with the ongoing changes in our bodies during menopause. 

Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

  • (1:06) Your age or size does not dictate your fitness

  • (2:31) Art, media, and body perception 

  • (3:47 & 10:05) Physical activity is essential to keep the mind active as we age

  • (5:29) Set the goal and follow-through, regardless of your day job

  • (7:27) Lifestyle change over diet: what really works

  • (7:54) Baby steps: accepting your body and its limitations

  • (10:56) Benefits of exercise beyond the physical

  • (12:30) HIIT alternatives to jumping rope for women with stress incontinence

  • (17:49) Mood swings: watching your words and reactions

  • (20:00) Winemaking in Mallorca

You will find throughout this episode that menopause won’t stop you from being fit and happy with your body. It doesn’t have to stop you from doing things that you love. 

Through this podcast, my goal is to help women manage their menopause naturally. Join our Facebook group, Menopause Movement with Dr. Michelle Gordon, if you want to reach out to fellow women experiencing the same things as you. And don’t forget to take this quiz to know your unique menopause slimming type to help you with planning your fitness goals.

That’s it and thank you for listening! Remember, your beliefs are your limits! 

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