Going through menopause involves a lot of physical changes compounded by emotional ones. It’s challenging to embrace these changes and accept them when society dictates that we should look at them negatively. 

Tune in as we continue right where we left off in our adventure and talk about misconceptions regarding fitness and health. Join us as we learn together how we manage to balance physical fitness with the ongoing changes in our bodies during menopause. 

Here is a quick rundown of this episode:

  • (01:10) Why I decided to do a show on women’s health, menopause, ageing, and getting more out of your life at this stage
  • The mental preparation I did for the show. 
  • (03:11) Introducing the six women who will go on this adventure with me—Katia, Molly, Sandra, Christine, Shannon, and Kristi
  • Meeting the group for the first time through a Skype call and learning about their feelings toward the journey ahead.
  • (07:40) Getting an orientation for group cycling with the aid of Paul Fry and learning about safety measures and hazards on the road.
  • (09:36) The experience of riding in Santa Barbara with the help of Bicycle Bob’s.
  • (12:31) Meeting the other women for the first time in real life and discussing our family life, career goals, being a mom, and the things we want to achieve.
  • (23:08) Nutrition and taking care of your body.
  • (24:54) Arriving in Europe was the beginning of the trip that will change our lives. The scenery and trails in Mallorca, Spain are truly breathtaking. This small island in the middle of the ocean is the perfect destination for cyclists. Our group may be a little anxious about the challenges ahead, but we are empowered and ready more than ever.

Come along as we enter the next chapter of our lives. I encourage you to be with us as we share our stories and experiences at this age. Stay tuned for the next episode where we will see the beauty that Mallorca has to offer.

For support on the journey to good health, head to our membership site for information on proper nutrition, exercise, and the medical challenges we face when ageing. And don’t forget to take this quiz to know your unique menopause slimming type. Thank you for watching!

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