When women reach our menopausal years, various changes happen in our body, especially when talking about sexual health. There’s a decrease in both testosterone and estrogen levels, and more risk of cervical cancer, among others. We need to address these issues, so you know what to do when faced with these challenges.

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Laura Mieszerski, and she is an OB/GYN specializing in gynecology, women’s health, and adolescent gynecology. She is affiliated with the NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital and has been in practice for over 20 years. 

Dr. Mieszerski is here with us today to talk about women’s sexual health during menopause. We will tackle painful sex, vaginal atrophy and lubrication, hormone replacement therapy, and various cancers women are at risk of having.

Here is a quick rundown of this episode:

  • (00:59) Why do we lose our libido?
  • (01:38) Why women lose their libido, vaginal atrophy, and urinary tract infections
  • (03:33) Pap smears and cervical cancer
  • (05:23) Screening for other infections like STDs
    • (06:13) Options for vaginal lubrication during menopause
      • (07:33) DHEA prescription and testosterone
      • (10:04) Mechanical dilation and what to use and not to use as a lubricant
    • (13:29) Eating healthy for vaginal health
    • (14:22) Prescribing hormone replacement therapy, and who are the best candidates?
    • (17:38) Weight-bearing exercise and prevention, diagnosis, and treatments of osteoporosis
    • (22:05) Obesity and the risks that come with it 
    • (24:46) Hot flushes and the benefits of exercising
    • (28:13) What is atypical endometrial hyperplasia?
    • (29:20) What is dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and how is it treated?
    • (33:33) Ovarian cancer—possible treatments and lowering your risk
    • (38:38) Menstrual cramps, fibroids, and birth control pills
    • (40:40) Tips to spice up your sex life
    • (42:48) Toxic shock—tampons and vaginal lacerations

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    I hope you all learned a lot today. Thanks for joining us in The Menopause Movement podcast, see you in the next episode.

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