At various points in our lives, someone or something will disappoint us. Maybe you expected something to go through without a hitch. Instead, the situation went awry, and now you’re kicking yourself for not foreseeing it. You feel angry, betrayed, and defeated.

Some people can move on and learn from disappointments quickly. But for others, it’s a struggle that can even lead to depression. Let me share with you how I conquer my disappointments. Reflect on the questions and insights I raise to help you get through your own. With meditation, you can always use your disappointments to your advantage.

Here is a quick rundown of this episode:

  • (6:02) How to pivot or course-correct when disappointment becomes too heavy
  • (19:38) Seeing the bigger picture—asking yourself what you want and making decisions that will take you there
  • (22:44) Managing health expectations in your menopause years
  • (27:44) Change your lifestyle and start with the end in mind


My goal is to help women live healthily and peacefully in their menopause years. You can opt-in to The Menopause Blueprint Training to get private courses and set a realistic framework for changing your life. Join our Facebook group Menopause Workshop with Dr. Michelle Gordon, message me, and we can talk about it.

You can also buy my books on Amazon. Just search Dr. Michelle Gordon as the author.

Thank you for listening! Let’s find peace together.

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