Menopause is something that most women if not all women will go through during their lifetime. It doesn’t seem fun or enjoyable, and there are a lot of hard symptoms that come along with it. Growing up you probably have heard or read a couple of myths about menopause. You may have heard the myth that hot flashes are the only symptom of menopause, or that menopause only happens when you’re 50. In this article, we’re going to evaluate what is true and false about these myths.  

Are hot flashes the only symptom of menopause?

An old myth about menopause is that the only symptom associated with menopause are hot flashes. During the transitional phase and in menopause, there are a wide variety of symptoms that individuals will experience. These symptoms include sleep problems, mood changes, low energy, vaginal dryness, bloating, breast tenderness, joint pain, and irritability. These symptoms can be heavily influenced by different factors such as weight, smoking, alcohol use, education, and socioeconomic status. Meaning that there are many more symptoms than simply hot flashes when facing menopause.

Do you start menopause at 50?

Many people believe the myth that you will start menopause at 50. From years of experience working with women experiencing menopause, I can tell you that this is not the case. The age that women experience menopause varies, and for many women comes as a surprise. It is true that the average age to experience menopause is between 45 and 55. However, some women will experience it earlier or later. One indicator that not many women are aware of is that menopause is sometimes hereditary. If you discover the age that your mother or grandmother started to experience menopause that will often give you an indication of when you will begin to experience menopausal symptoms.

Does menopause kill your sex drive?

You may have heard the phrase that “menopause will kill your sex drive.” Although it is true that you might see a dip in libido due to declining sex hormones, this is not always the case. The impact of this symptom largely depends on mindset, energy levels, and lifestyle factors. However, it is essential to keep in mind that vaginal dryness will occur with a decrease in estrogen levels. Intercourse can become painful because of this, but you can combat this problem using small doses of estrogen creams and lubricants can help with the pain. Chances are if you enjoyed having sex before menopause, it’s a high chance that you will still enjoy sex during menopause

Is menopause making you gain weight?

With menopause, you will most likely see changes in your metabolism. However, keep in mind that there are a lot of aspects of your life changing in this season. During this stage of life, it is common to see changes in exercise routines or dietary choices. Stay mindful of your diet and make changes where necessary. Cutting down on carbs, and instead of increasing whole grain intake is helpful and increasing your protein intake will help keep you fuller longer. Try replacing sweets or candy with fruits and vegetables. Although menopause does contribute to weight gain, it is not the only culprit. Make the changes necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if you start a small exercise and dietary choice can make a big difference in your life.

Is menopause scary?

I’ve heard women say things like, “Menopause is terrible and scary, and you won’t be able to escape it.” Although there are many intimidating aspects when it comes to menopause, you don’t need to be afraid for it. Facing menopause with the proper tools and support in place will allow you to thrive during this season. Women who get the help they need have a much different experience than the ones that do not. 

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